A new kind of boardgame with digital features

The King of Evil has stolen humans’ finest pieces of art and hidden them in his own private museum. You are a young member of a gentlemen thieves club and can’t tolerate that! With your team, you decide to break into the King of Evil’s museum and bring back all the artworks.
But be careful, the two guards Selen and Gori -and sometimes the King of Evil himself- are patrolling in the museum... Use the shadows and the traps to your own advantage!

Shadow Museum is a new kind of board game developed with SONY (SIE) on their console TOIOTM. You can face your family or friends on many different maps. You can also play solo and take up the challenge of the 16 missions to defeat the King of Evil!

Board game designer: Nicolas Sato
Character designer, illustrator: Ayumi Kakei
Director : Thomas Romain
Musician: Yasunori Nishiki
Producer: Keitaro Saito (SIE inc.)
Writers: Naohiro Fukushima, Storyriders
Graphic designer: Atsushi Takeda, Emika Kimura (SOUVENIR DESIGN INC.)
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE inc.)
Official website:

Copyright 2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

A family board game using transparent cards

Dragons are back into our world, and they are in vogue! As the proud owner of group of islands where dragons nest, you’ll have to manage both the tourists’ expectations and the dragons’ appetite... Dragon Parks is a drafting game which makes use of transparent cards. Select a new card each turn to put on one of your three islands, adding or covering dragons in this park as you do. Some dragons hate to be covered by others and will snap back at you, and if you manage to hatch an egg by covering it, it will attract new visitors!
After 3 turns, the season ends. You will then score visitors depending of the number of different dragons visible on each island, with a bonus for the dragon type in vogue this season, and extra visitors if you attract the Legendary Dragon to your parks... But beware, if you have fewer sheep available than you have dragons, you will lose visitors equal to the difference!

The game ends after 3 seasons, and the player with the most visitors at the end wins!

Board game designer: Nicolas Sato
Illustrator: Ayumi Kakei
Publisher: Ankama Boardgames
Official website:

Game Info:
Number of players: 3 to 5 players
Game Length: 15 minutes Ages: 8 and up

A picture book series developed with Japanese celebrity Teruyuki Kagawa

Insect land is a serie of picture books about nine little insects. Through their exciting and heartwarming adventures, children can discover the wonders of nature and the secret life of insects. Each book has a special interactive page.

Written by Teruyuki Kagawa, a famous actor commissioned by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as an Ambassador for Children’s Education, and illustrated by Thomas Romain.

Author: Teruyuki Kagawa
Illustrator: Thomas Romain
Publisher: Kodansha
Line stamps (by Ayumi Kakei):

Copyrights : ©ARANCIONE,Inc. Allright Reserved.

The latest publications :

Work in Progress
The Koomos
Our transmedia fantasy IP

To protect herself from the threats destroying nature and life, the planet Kaia created a tribe of little guardians, the Koomos. Follow their cute and epic adventures across the beautiful world of the Stratos floating islands.

Based on an original idea by Thomas Romain and his sons, Ryunosuke and Itsuki,
the project is currently under development by Studio No Border as an animated series, video game, graphic novel and adventure card game.

Work in Progress
Monster Slaughter
An horror animated series developed with Ankama

In a not-so-distant future, an AI produces the ultimate form of entertainment – Monster Slaughter, a violent reality show in which contestants fight for survival and redemption.

Based on the successful board game published by Ankama, the project is being developed as an animated series by Studio No Border and its international partners.